Lazy Day

Today has been disappointing So I will be brief.

I started the day really optimistic about what I could do. As the day wound down I got even more tired and that leads me to where I am. I don’t have the willpower to overcome my tiredness and get work done. I was hoping to get my android work out of the way and finish some important stuff but If I don’t rest now tomorrow will be that same. So I close here. See you tomorrow.



Got some rest

Lets get strait to it because I have to hit the bed and get some rest or I will be having a less than productive say tomorrow.

Like I said yesterday I did a lot of relaxing today and I spent a good amount of my time watching the last 4 episodes of Black Sails Season 2. I though I had watched all but when I started Season 3 the recap showed some parts that I hadn’t seen so to avoid spoilers I quickly stopped the recap from completing and then I went back to watch. I t was worth it. but to tell you the truth I wasn’t happy after watching. I guess its because I quickly realized that I hadn’t done anything productive the whole day.

So I got to my guitar and then moved to publish the android app. I haven’t completed that since I need to change the package to a more desired on. It might take a couple of minutes but I need the rest more than that. The profile for the app is ready but I think I will keep it in draft mode then upload the beta version tomorrow. Once I increase the content on the app I will put it in production mode.

Planned on backing up data on my device but I will have to do that work tomorrow. In the mean time I will just remove some targeted videos to free up much needed space.

Ok So that that, fewer words same impact.

Lesson of the day: Rest and relaxation is not as fun as hard work and being productive.

Good night.


I need some rest


I think this whole I will work 24 hours a day like a maniac must slow down a bit. As  I sit here I am so tired of all the work I have been doing that I realized taking a short break isn’t such a bad idea. I think the Sabbath day which is tomorrow will be the perfect day to rest. I will go ahead and launch the beta version of the app. I am 80 percent done with the app and 100 percent done with the minimum viable product.Basically I have something reasonable to launch today. But the target is an app with more content. Functionality is god at the moment. I took this evening to cover most of the loose ends and bring the app to an acceptable level of quality. I need to add more content and probably restructure some of the content to make it more like what I want. when I have reached the 100 percent level I can confidently leave the app where it is and make modifications based on suggested functionality by users. Whiles I work on improving my Mozilla add-on. if possible I will also start working on making it available on google chrome.

Today started really bad I had barely gotten any sleep nut I managed to get going. That must be one of the reasons why I am so tired. I got my washing done quickly with the help of some podcasts that I was listening to. Speaking of podcasts I need to work on publishing my first podcast episode on the recently ended Superbowl. I recorded it a week after the Superbowl but I haven’t setup the sound cloud account that will be used  for publishing before I even think about how to put it on feed-burner. I also haven’t even edited it. I will have to include some EDM tracks to it and get a quick album art for it. I really have a lot of things to work on. Also I need to work on a presentation on an ERP system for my boss that could happen anytime soon.

Ok let me take my mind of work of a minute. Lets turn to relaxation. I am going to do some binge watching of some series tomorrow. I was thinking I would start season one of Homeland or season 3 of Black Sails. I think Black Sails will be ok. I need a lot of rest to ensure I am in tip top shape for Monday. There is a lot of Projects I would like to initiate on Monday and I need full concentration to handle the workload that is coming. But tomorrow will have a lot of relaxation and then I will end it with some work.

Just for your information the day nearly didnt end this productive. Something disappointing happend and got me in a bad moode. But once I started to work on adding some images to my app I was able to get control of my emotions and then I found myself working on the app for four hours. I got all my cleaning work done early so that was certainly good. Ok it time to hop into bed. See you all tomorrow.

Boa noite



Today has been good and lots of fan. I have been really productive. (Warning: you can tell that this is going to be a short post because it late and I am tired.)

Well so I did wake up early unlike yesterday. I had all my alarms set and I nailed it. Also I left home earlier than on any other day. I got to work and even did some of my android programming at work. I got all the work on my desk done the rest was scheduled for next week. the only thing that pissed me off was sending that defective electronic product for replacement.Unfortunately I left the receipt at home so I will have to do that tomorrow. It annoyed me because I am on this productive drive and having to postpone any action that can be taken immediately is very annoying.

I got home and got my guitar work done on time and really good. Then I got to my android work. Like I said yesterday If I had my internet connection working well I would be 90 percent done. Like I said, the app is now 90% complete for the beta version. I would like to make a a few changes tomorrow and then on Sunday the app goes live on the app store. By the time the app gets approved I will have the first update ready to go live. I like the way things are going.

I will end my post here. I will try to watch some Homeland tomorrow. I heard some interesting stuff and how it links to current politics. But my apps come first. I need to finish the book I am reading. Actually this is the second read of the Slight Edge and I think I have already picked what I need for it, so an extra chapter will do then I move to another book.

Its past 12 midnight and I will just sort myself out and get to bed.

See ya

Boa noite.


Productive! Getting Tired Feels Good

Hi ,

Another productive day in the wraps. I got some financial decisions sorted out and done quickly. But it all nearly didn’t happen.

Now if you read yesterdays post you will know that I got quite a lot of things done and I dint get to bed early and I was tired from working. As a result waking up was going to be difficult and unfortunately I didn’t set my alarm . Now I have multiple alarms set and luckily I had one set but it wasn’t so lucky. The first alarm woke me up but I was too tired and  quickly went back to bed. The next time I woke up was 6:00 am. Now I usually wake up between 4 to 5 and get to the office by 7 I was more than an hour behind time. I nearly gave up and decided to go to work late. But I did something that I usually do not do. I lay in bed thinking of going late and then I told myself “I can do it.” That one word got me out of bed and on my was in less than 20 minutes. A little over an hour later I was in the office. It was almost like nothing had happened and I couldn’t be stopped.

I carried that momentum throughout the rest of the day and I got somethings done. I was in the mood to just get things done. I got home and played some guitar on schedule. I was able to complete my android app.

Again I was having issues with my connection and couldn’t get all the content required to complete the  app. If I had all the info I would be 90% done. Now I am tired and its time to sleep I do not want a repeat of yesterdays late wake up time.So I will end here.


Good night.

Get tired

Olá ,

It been a good day. Not the most productive day but I like the progress I am making. I am becoming more productive day after day. I see some good progress. Yesterday I had the power issue and couldn’t post so when I got to the office I quickly put something out there and the best part, it was effortless. The day didn’t start productive in the office but eventually became productive. I was able to fight through laziness to gets some scripts ready to pick information that will be required within the week. Because of privacy issues I didn’t work on some of my private work in the office.

I got home and was able to pick some strings on the guitar I finally go the guitar tuned and learned some new chords. I made some huge strides on my android app. I like this surge of productivity. If not for the bad effect lack of sleep has I would be working on completing the app tonight and test for a day before launching.

You can tell that I was brief tonight with my post. I could have elaborated on somethings but I will keep it brief. I will end here. Hopefully I would like to better manage my time tomorrow and get even more done. I should be exhausted with the quality and quantity of work I do before I get to sleep.


Boa noite   🙂

Prepare of the Worst

Bom Dia,

This post should have been posted yesterday and its totally my fault. Now it isn’t that I was feeling lazy. But its because I wasn’t prepared for the worst. Yesterday I had a power problem in the house(there was some issue with my electricity connection). So for most of the time in the night I couldn’t work. I had totally lost juice on almost all my devices so there was no way in the world that I could write my post.

Lesson learned on this one.

I am at work at the moment so I cant pen a long post on my keyboard.

Tenha um bom dia.



Today I will keep my post very brief. To be honest I am not in a mood to write anything. Some one pissed me off this evening just when everything was going alright and very productive. This put me in a very bad emotional state and derailed my plans for the evening. I just dint want to touch anything including writing this post. I am starting to recover from the effects but the time is already lost and this wonderful evening hasn’t lived to it full potential.

The guys might not get this whole emotional state issue but most ladies will get it. I hope you all understand how I feel right now. I hope tomorrow doesn’t end like this. I need step out a little more that might help me out. But that’s it folks. I will try watching some fashion videos to cheer me up .

Boa noite.

Get all the rest you can

Its that time of the day again. Funny it seems to rhyme with “its that time of the month again” the ladies will certainly get this.

Today was filled with mixed reactions for me. I had a lot planned especially the work on my android app but tiredness got the best of me. I found myself taking lots of short naps each time feeling like I needed even more rest. It gets really frustrating when all the plans you have do not materialize because you feel really tired and as a result gathering the willpower needed to get things done is near impossible. But I did get some things done.

I finished the Maps of Meaning lecture that I talked about yesterday. Things are always complicated when you are listening to philosophical minds talk. but I think at the end of the series I will find the whole ordeal worth it. After struggling to get through the lecture I tried to do some android programming and that didnt even happen. It was noon and the most annoying thing happened.

Yesterday I mention the CRS-10 mission for SapceX and the fact that it was historic in that it was going to be the first launch from the LP-39a since the last space shuttle launch which was on the same launch pad. In addition there was going to be a landing of the Falcon 9 rocket in broad day light. Well I got the time right and when it was 30 minutes to the launch I decided to work through one of my neglected email accounts. and get ti inbox zero. well after close to an hour switched browser windows and realized that the time of the launch had passed so I navigated to the YouTube live-stream only to meet a just ended live stream. I was hoping that the launch had been scrubbed again but I checked twitter and got confirmation that the launch was successful. I was filled with anger feeling really sick with myself. This is the third launch in a row that I have missed after following and waiting patiently for the launch to occur. I realized that my mind is so cluttered and my attention shifts from one this so easily that it was possible for me to miss an event that I had been waiting for days, yet completely loose focus just before it happened. I am either just too stretched out or too tired. I might need to find some serious methods of getting my mind in the right place. That ability to loose focus so easily and get distracted because of noise in my mind needs to stop. Also I think I need to stop deluding myself that watching every single launch will help me reach my goal of setting up a space agency(Shhhhhhh! that was supposed to be a secret). I  diary keeping will help me keep the noise in my head down.

So after realizing that I had achieved almost inbox zero and missed the launch I decided it was time to do some other things. I got to practicing the guitar. I have tried one or twice today I finally started some practice and I think I would download some YouTube videos to give me a variety of learning styles. I didn’t have the concept of playing the guitar nailed down but I am starting to understand it and today I played my first tune “Ode to Joy” which is available as a digital download on iTunes (LOL). Well not yet but we will get there. I need that supplementary income. I think I will find out if I can apply the Suzuki method to leaning how to play the guitar.

I then moved on to watching some Fashion shows. I am currently watching Haute Couture 2017 I am way behind schedule since New York fashion week should have ended. I think cutting down the podcasts and using that time to watch fashion shows will help me catch up with the fashion weeks . When all the major fashion weeks are over then I can take sometime to roll in more podcasts. I think I need to focus on those that concern space and football. The political stuff will be at a minimum.

I had planned to start a new book today and I havent. Right after publishing this post I will select one book and read the table of contents and a page to get me started.

I was planing on starting a series. I was thinking Black Sails but if I do so My sleep will be cut short and I dont need to start my week that way. One thing I filed to do this week is to exercise sufficiently. Remarkably my weight has been stable. But I don’t feel confided about my eating today . I think I might have gained a bit more this weekend. I will have to fix that. I have also planned to start writing a book to be published by November this year. It will be fiction. I need that extra money and Rather than waste time reading how to’s on writing I better get my hands dirty and start with an outline and then start expanding on chapters. I will get something down by close of the week and then schedule writing times. I need a first draft out as soon as possible so I can spend enough time proof reading and get it ready for publishing.

The one nice thing I realized today happened when I was going through my mail box. I realized that a browser add-on for Firefox that I had created had been approved. and I even had some reviews and ratings. I launched it although It had some bugs and wasn’t in perfect working condition. I feel really good about myself. I am going to schedule sometime to do an update on it. It was inspired by a lady called Daniella Fong. Personally she is someone who inspires me for very personal reasons. I wont talk about that but when her story comes out you will be inspired and also understand why. After my next update to the add-on I will tweet at her to thank her for inspiring me.

If I don’t end now my sleep will be cut short .

One more thing I will complete a fashion sketch before I sleep. I might even apply the Suzuki method. 🙂 I wonder if it can be applied there.

Good night.



Its the second day of my experiment in blogging my personal life. If this is the first post you are reading let me summarize. Basically this blog serves as my diary. All thoughts on this blog are true accounts of my life.

So today started pretty nice I woke up early but wasn’t feeling tired. That was a very positive thing. I already had a good plan for the say which involved getting to the bank to complete some important tasks. I quickly got hold of my clothes to get some laundry done. I usually do my laundry on Saturdays. I am too busy and tired during the weekdays to get any laundry done. It was really important for me to get this done early to give me enough time to get to the bank later in the morning. I nailed it perfectly well. I was done by nine o’clock giving me enough time to get to the bank. I usually start my washing around nine in the morning  but this time I got it done quick. I the spirit of smashing procrastination, I got myself ready quickly after taking a 15 minute nap. I got there and deposited some money and picked up an Electron Card to allow for some online transactions. I hope to deposit money I make online into this account. Then I called a Tech Shop to see if returning a faulty product would be possible. I got a meeting arranged and would deliver it to them next week. Then I got back home.

I didn’t waste time in getting the rest of my Saturday cleaning schedule underway. An completed it early enough tot get some rest.

You see all that I listed up there was special for me because the usual thing for me is to procrastinate. I usually would have skipped the bank part of my morning schedule. I would have some up with some stupid excuse, any reason would do to stop me form going or rather postponing it to some other time. But recently I have become more self conscious about this and anytime I realize that I am going down that some hole I do something about it. For me it was a personal victory.

Now it was time to watch the launch of the SpaceX mission. I got all setup and then off went my internet connection. luckily for me there was an issue with the positioning of the upper-stage of the falcon 9 rocket so the launch was scrubbed for a 24 hour window. I will definitely be watching it tomorrow.

The rest of the day wasn’t as productive. I tried to get some android programming done today but I was too tired and had lost the will power to push on. So I settled for writing a few lines of code and sorting out an error with the program. Hopefully I can get something more substantial done tomorrow. I was hoping to complete the app I am working on today and get it on the play store by evening but I will have to take sometime to get that done. If I have enough energy I will get it done tomorrow and ready for launch. I also have to check if a domain name I own is expired If not I have to get to renewing it as fast as possible.

Since I lost the willpower to work I spent the evening listening to some Jordan Peterson debates and lectures. That guy is interesting I wont get time to write about what I think about him now I need to finish watching his Maps of meaning Lecture series then I will write something. I might even have some material before I finish watching his lectures. I will complete the introduction part before I go to sleep today. I think I have too much content to listen to and I might have to cut down the number of podcasts I listen to to make space in my day to listen to and watch more pressing content like the maps of meaning. I seem to enjoy intellectual discussions. Sometimes its difficult to follow what philosophers say but it is interesting.

Tomorrow I start a new book. I have read enough about the shortness of life and I think I can go on to another book. Project  read a book a week is alive and well. I haven’t decided which book it would be but I can get that settled easily.

Its late so I end it here

Good night