Letting my hair down

If you know me well you realize that you really don’t know me at all. That’s because I am a very introverted person. I can be outgoing sometimes but I prefer being locked up in my room with internet connectivity and playing GRID auto sport. Is one of the best racing games I have ever played, love it. I hardly go out because I don’t need to step out of my room to feel entertained at all.  Going out and spending money is not my idea of having fun. But today I went against my rule, a recurring theme this year of doing things that I normally wouldn’t do.

So followed a couple of friends who wanted to go out onto the beach to relax and have a good time. Mind you in my world there is nothing like relaxing on a Friday night. I would rather be home. I was skeptical but I had made up my mind to go ahead and so I did. It turned out to be a good idea. Now i didn’t have as much fun as I was expecting but having a change of scenery was something that I needed for a long time and being around people who put their troubles to the side and only focused on having fun for that moment of time. As you can suspect I didn’t indulge as much as they did but I was able to make something out of it. It was worth it. Moral lesson is to take sometime and smell the roses. Its okay to act a foll once is a while.

Coming home I had some ideas on space travel (another thing I take very seriously). I had spent some of the time on the beach reading about the details of the tenth SpaceX resupply mission to the ISS. The launch will be tomorrow. You can check spaceflightinsider.com for details on the launch time. Just two days I missed the launch of the Areane 5 rocket by five minutes and the launch of the Indian rocket was also missed. I will not let that happen his time round. I haven’t spent anytime today working on my android stuff I might spend maximum 5 minutes on it before I sleep .

I have been reading Seneca’s letter on the shortness of life this week. It should have taken me just a week. I gave myself that time but I failed to make anytime to read. This week I have done enough to take some knowledge form the book I can now safely move on to another book on Sunday. This year I will be reading on average a book a week. There is a lot more urgency in me and I am taking full advantage of it to get a lot of things done.

It is getting late and I will end this post here. I will surely do even more tomorrow. I have a lot of YouTube videos and podcasts to listen to morrow . I like the way this year is starting and I know it will be successful. And I will share that success with you on this blog.


Have a good night friends.


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