My First POST

Hi its Kelly here. This is my first post here on this blog. I just want to tell you quickly what this blog is about.

I have created a number of blogs in my lifetime but i have never stepped out of my way to write into more details my personal experiences. For me online anonymity is a big thing and I take online privacy very seriously. For a few months now I have gone over my initial thought on online privacy and decided to relax some of my rule. I decided that it was time to write more about myself and reveal my personal thoughts and filter very little. If there is anything I will filter it will be done to protect the identities of people around me who might not want their identities know. apart form that this will be the most transparent i have been.

I have loved writing for sometime and thought of doing that has been one annual goals for the past  seven years. I hope that writing personal thought will make it easier to write and also the therapeutic nature of letting your thoughts go is an added benefit. Anyone who has kept a diary for an extended time know this and can testify to it.

This blog will be like a diary that I am keeping online and will be available to the public. Will I keep it up forever? No. I think i reserve the right to take it down anytime and because its unfiltered, the only reason to take it down will be for security purposes.

I will talk about daily events politics, social issues. civil rights issues and technology issues. Almost nothing will be off topic.

I hope you enjoy reading and I hope to get some followers to share my life with.

Thanks for passing by.


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