Its the second day of my experiment in blogging my personal life. If this is the first post you are reading let me summarize. Basically this blog serves as my diary. All thoughts on this blog are true accounts of my life.

So today started pretty nice I woke up early but wasn’t feeling tired. That was a very positive thing. I already had a good plan for the say which involved getting to the bank to complete some important tasks. I quickly got hold of my clothes to get some laundry done. I usually do my laundry on Saturdays. I am too busy and tired during the weekdays to get any laundry done. It was really important for me to get this done early to give me enough time to get to the bank later in the morning. I nailed it perfectly well. I was done by nine o’clock giving me enough time to get to the bank. I usually start my washing around nine in the morning  but this time I got it done quick. I the spirit of smashing procrastination, I got myself ready quickly after taking a 15 minute nap. I got there and deposited some money and picked up an Electron Card to allow for some online transactions. I hope to deposit money I make online into this account. Then I called a Tech Shop to see if returning a faulty product would be possible. I got a meeting arranged and would deliver it to them next week. Then I got back home.

I didn’t waste time in getting the rest of my Saturday cleaning schedule underway. An completed it early enough tot get some rest.

You see all that I listed up there was special for me because the usual thing for me is to procrastinate. I usually would have skipped the bank part of my morning schedule. I would have some up with some stupid excuse, any reason would do to stop me form going or rather postponing it to some other time. But recently I have become more self conscious about this and anytime I realize that I am going down that some hole I do something about it. For me it was a personal victory.

Now it was time to watch the launch of the SpaceX mission. I got all setup and then off went my internet connection. luckily for me there was an issue with the positioning of the upper-stage of the falcon 9 rocket so the launch was scrubbed for a 24 hour window. I will definitely be watching it tomorrow.

The rest of the day wasn’t as productive. I tried to get some android programming done today but I was too tired and had lost the will power to push on. So I settled for writing a few lines of code and sorting out an error with the program. Hopefully I can get something more substantial done tomorrow. I was hoping to complete the app I am working on today and get it on the play store by evening but I will have to take sometime to get that done. If I have enough energy I will get it done tomorrow and ready for launch. I also have to check if a domain name I own is expired If not I have to get to renewing it as fast as possible.

Since I lost the willpower to work I spent the evening listening to some Jordan Peterson debates and lectures. That guy is interesting I wont get time to write about what I think about him now I need to finish watching his Maps of meaning Lecture series then I will write something. I might even have some material before I finish watching his lectures. I will complete the introduction part before I go to sleep today. I think I have too much content to listen to and I might have to cut down the number of podcasts I listen to to make space in my day to listen to and watch more pressing content like the maps of meaning. I seem to enjoy intellectual discussions. Sometimes its difficult to follow what philosophers say but it is interesting.

Tomorrow I start a new book. I have read enough about the shortness of life and I think I can go on to another book. Project  read a book a week is alive and well. I haven’t decided which book it would be but I can get that settled easily.

Its late so I end it here

Good night


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