Get all the rest you can

Its that time of the day again. Funny it seems to rhyme with “its that time of the month again” the ladies will certainly get this.

Today was filled with mixed reactions for me. I had a lot planned especially the work on my android app but tiredness got the best of me. I found myself taking lots of short naps each time feeling like I needed even more rest. It gets really frustrating when all the plans you have do not materialize because you feel really tired and as a result gathering the willpower needed to get things done is near impossible. But I did get some things done.

I finished the Maps of Meaning lecture that I talked about yesterday. Things are always complicated when you are listening to philosophical minds talk. but I think at the end of the series I will find the whole ordeal worth it. After struggling to get through the lecture I tried to do some android programming and that didnt even happen. It was noon and the most annoying thing happened.

Yesterday I mention the CRS-10 mission for SapceX and the fact that it was historic in that it was going to be the first launch from the LP-39a since the last space shuttle launch which was on the same launch pad. In addition there was going to be a landing of the Falcon 9 rocket in broad day light. Well I got the time right and when it was 30 minutes to the launch I decided to work through one of my neglected email accounts. and get ti inbox zero. well after close to an hour switched browser windows and realized that the time of the launch had passed so I navigated to the YouTube live-stream only to meet a just ended live stream. I was hoping that the launch had been scrubbed again but I checked twitter and got confirmation that the launch was successful. I was filled with anger feeling really sick with myself. This is the third launch in a row that I have missed after following and waiting patiently for the launch to occur. I realized that my mind is so cluttered and my attention shifts from one this so easily that it was possible for me to miss an event that I had been waiting for days, yet completely loose focus just before it happened. I am either just too stretched out or too tired. I might need to find some serious methods of getting my mind in the right place. That ability to loose focus so easily and get distracted because of noise in my mind needs to stop. Also I think I need to stop deluding myself that watching every single launch will help me reach my goal of setting up a space agency(Shhhhhhh! that was supposed to be a secret). I  diary keeping will help me keep the noise in my head down.

So after realizing that I had achieved almost inbox zero and missed the launch I decided it was time to do some other things. I got to practicing the guitar. I have tried one or twice today I finally started some practice and I think I would download some YouTube videos to give me a variety of learning styles. I didn’t have the concept of playing the guitar nailed down but I am starting to understand it and today I played my first tune “Ode to Joy” which is available as a digital download on iTunes (LOL). Well not yet but we will get there. I need that supplementary income. I think I will find out if I can apply the Suzuki method to leaning how to play the guitar.

I then moved on to watching some Fashion shows. I am currently watching Haute Couture 2017 I am way behind schedule since New York fashion week should have ended. I think cutting down the podcasts and using that time to watch fashion shows will help me catch up with the fashion weeks . When all the major fashion weeks are over then I can take sometime to roll in more podcasts. I think I need to focus on those that concern space and football. The political stuff will be at a minimum.

I had planned to start a new book today and I havent. Right after publishing this post I will select one book and read the table of contents and a page to get me started.

I was planing on starting a series. I was thinking Black Sails but if I do so My sleep will be cut short and I dont need to start my week that way. One thing I filed to do this week is to exercise sufficiently. Remarkably my weight has been stable. But I don’t feel confided about my eating today . I think I might have gained a bit more this weekend. I will have to fix that. I have also planned to start writing a book to be published by November this year. It will be fiction. I need that extra money and Rather than waste time reading how to’s on writing I better get my hands dirty and start with an outline and then start expanding on chapters. I will get something down by close of the week and then schedule writing times. I need a first draft out as soon as possible so I can spend enough time proof reading and get it ready for publishing.

The one nice thing I realized today happened when I was going through my mail box. I realized that a browser add-on for Firefox that I had created had been approved. and I even had some reviews and ratings. I launched it although It had some bugs and wasn’t in perfect working condition. I feel really good about myself. I am going to schedule sometime to do an update on it. It was inspired by a lady called Daniella Fong. Personally she is someone who inspires me for very personal reasons. I wont talk about that but when her story comes out you will be inspired and also understand why. After my next update to the add-on I will tweet at her to thank her for inspiring me.

If I don’t end now my sleep will be cut short .

One more thing I will complete a fashion sketch before I sleep. I might even apply the Suzuki method. 🙂 I wonder if it can be applied there.

Good night.



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