Get tired

Olá ,

It been a good day. Not the most productive day but I like the progress I am making. I am becoming more productive day after day. I see some good progress. Yesterday I had the power issue and couldn’t post so when I got to the office I quickly put something out there and the best part, it was effortless. The day didn’t start productive in the office but eventually became productive. I was able to fight through laziness to gets some scripts ready to pick information that will be required within the week. Because of privacy issues I didn’t work on some of my private work in the office.

I got home and was able to pick some strings on the guitar I finally go the guitar tuned and learned some new chords. I made some huge strides on my android app. I like this surge of productivity. If not for the bad effect lack of sleep has I would be working on completing the app tonight and test for a day before launching.

You can tell that I was brief tonight with my post. I could have elaborated on somethings but I will keep it brief. I will end here. Hopefully I would like to better manage my time tomorrow and get even more done. I should be exhausted with the quality and quantity of work I do before I get to sleep.


Boa noite   🙂


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