Productive! Getting Tired Feels Good

Hi ,

Another productive day in the wraps. I got some financial decisions sorted out and done quickly. But it all nearly didn’t happen.

Now if you read yesterdays post you will know that I got quite a lot of things done and I dint get to bed early and I was tired from working. As a result waking up was going to be difficult and unfortunately I didn’t set my alarm . Now I have multiple alarms set and luckily I had one set but it wasn’t so lucky. The first alarm woke me up but I was too tired and  quickly went back to bed. The next time I woke up was 6:00 am. Now I usually wake up between 4 to 5 and get to the office by 7 I was more than an hour behind time. I nearly gave up and decided to go to work late. But I did something that I usually do not do. I lay in bed thinking of going late and then I told myself “I can do it.” That one word got me out of bed and on my was in less than 20 minutes. A little over an hour later I was in the office. It was almost like nothing had happened and I couldn’t be stopped.

I carried that momentum throughout the rest of the day and I got somethings done. I was in the mood to just get things done. I got home and played some guitar on schedule. I was able to complete my android app.

Again I was having issues with my connection and couldn’t get all the content required to complete the  app. If I had all the info I would be 90% done. Now I am tired and its time to sleep I do not want a repeat of yesterdays late wake up time.So I will end here.


Good night.


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