I need some rest


I think this whole I will work 24 hours a day like a maniac must slow down a bit. As  I sit here I am so tired of all the work I have been doing that I realized taking a short break isn’t such a bad idea. I think the Sabbath day which is tomorrow will be the perfect day to rest. I will go ahead and launch the beta version of the app. I am 80 percent done with the app and 100 percent done with the minimum viable product.Basically I have something reasonable to launch today. But the target is an app with more content. Functionality is god at the moment. I took this evening to cover most of the loose ends and bring the app to an acceptable level of quality. I need to add more content and probably restructure some of the content to make it more like what I want. when I have reached the 100 percent level I can confidently leave the app where it is and make modifications based on suggested functionality by users. Whiles I work on improving my Mozilla add-on. if possible I will also start working on making it available on google chrome.

Today started really bad I had barely gotten any sleep nut I managed to get going. That must be one of the reasons why I am so tired. I got my washing done quickly with the help of some podcasts that I was listening to. Speaking of podcasts I need to work on publishing my first podcast episode on the recently ended Superbowl. I recorded it a week after the Superbowl but I haven’t setup the sound cloud account that will be used  for publishing before I even think about how to put it on feed-burner. I also haven’t even edited it. I will have to include some EDM tracks to it and get a quick album art for it. I really have a lot of things to work on. Also I need to work on a presentation on an ERP system for my boss that could happen anytime soon.

Ok let me take my mind of work of a minute. Lets turn to relaxation. I am going to do some binge watching of some series tomorrow. I was thinking I would start season one of Homeland or season 3 of Black Sails. I think Black Sails will be ok. I need a lot of rest to ensure I am in tip top shape for Monday. There is a lot of Projects I would like to initiate on Monday and I need full concentration to handle the workload that is coming. But tomorrow will have a lot of relaxation and then I will end it with some work.

Just for your information the day nearly didnt end this productive. Something disappointing happend and got me in a bad moode. But once I started to work on adding some images to my app I was able to get control of my emotions and then I found myself working on the app for four hours. I got all my cleaning work done early so that was certainly good. Ok it time to hop into bed. See you all tomorrow.

Boa noite


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