Today has been good and lots of fan. I have been really productive. (Warning: you can tell that this is going to be a short post because it late and I am tired.)

Well so I did wake up early unlike yesterday. I had all my alarms set and I nailed it. Also I left home earlier than on any other day. I got to work and even did some of my android programming at work. I got all the work on my desk done the rest was scheduled for next week. the only thing that pissed me off was sending that defective electronic product for replacement.Unfortunately I left the receipt at home so I will have to do that tomorrow. It annoyed me because I am on this productive drive and having to postpone any action that can be taken immediately is very annoying.

I got home and got my guitar work done on time and really good. Then I got to my android work. Like I said yesterday If I had my internet connection working well I would be 90 percent done. Like I said, the app is now 90% complete for the beta version. I would like to make a a few changes tomorrow and then on Sunday the app goes live on the app store. By the time the app gets approved I will have the first update ready to go live. I like the way things are going.

I will end my post here. I will try to watch some Homeland tomorrow. I heard some interesting stuff and how it links to current politics. But my apps come first. I need to finish the book I am reading. Actually this is the second read of the Slight Edge and I think I have already picked what I need for it, so an extra chapter will do then I move to another book.

Its past 12 midnight and I will just sort myself out and get to bed.

See ya

Boa noite.



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