Got some rest

Lets get strait to it because I have to hit the bed and get some rest or I will be having a less than productive say tomorrow.

Like I said yesterday I did a lot of relaxing today and I spent a good amount of my time watching the last 4 episodes of Black Sails Season 2. I though I had watched all but when I started Season 3 the recap showed some parts that I hadn’t seen so to avoid spoilers I quickly stopped the recap from completing and then I went back to watch. I t was worth it. but to tell you the truth I wasn’t happy after watching. I guess its because I quickly realized that I hadn’t done anything productive the whole day.

So I got to my guitar and then moved to publish the android app. I haven’t completed that since I need to change the package to a more desired on. It might take a couple of minutes but I need the rest more than that. The profile for the app is ready but I think I will keep it in draft mode then upload the beta version tomorrow. Once I increase the content on the app I will put it in production mode.

Planned on backing up data on my device but I will have to do that work tomorrow. In the mean time I will just remove some targeted videos to free up much needed space.

Ok So that that, fewer words same impact.

Lesson of the day: Rest and relaxation is not as fun as hard work and being productive.

Good night.



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