Mixed Bag Day


Its been a mixed bag day. Yes I said mixed bag and to be honest I am not sure I have ever used that phrase and not sure if I am using it the proper way but its my dairy so I guess its cool.

I started the say waking up better than I done recently. I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. I felt stronger. I guess I got more time to sleep. A I got some exercise going on. Talking about exercising I have failed to do effective consistent exercising for two weeks now. I realized that I have been focusing on a total body work out and I I just focus all my exercising to improve one side of my body I should be able to build consistency so that what I am working on at the moment. I need my legs to get a bit bigger to get to the figure that I want so for now all my exercise will be focused on getting bigger legs. The reason for focusing on only one body part is that is takes less motivation even when you are tired and your workout is focused on working on that part of your body that you feel needs the most attention it is easy to just do it. In turn you will start building consistency and then you start adding other exercises. Anytime your motivation goes down you just gt back to what requires the least motivation.

Ok so I got to work as early as I normally do. For your information I am an early bird. I started with my usual look at news and fashion before dicing into any work. To be honest today was one of my bad days I will rate it as 2 out of 10. Thats horrible but remember I have high standards. But I made up for eat by spending sometime reading some books. I am currently reading a book by Steve Harvey. I got in more reading that I usually do in a day I noticed that I wasn’t really motived to work on serious stuff in the office so I took the opportunity to do some reading. That was the most productive thing I did all day Then getting to the end of the day I started working on some aspects of my app. That was an attempt to start building some momentum to get back into the productive mood and I will reap the benefits of it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have to complete some transactions at the bank. Before getting to work that will mean I will be late. I had it planned in my mind that I will sleep in late but I am now thinking of getting up at the usual time and getting ready after which I will then continue working on my app. Before setting of to the bank. You see I am already getting back to the right state of mind to work.

One important lesson I have learnt this week is the role tiredness plays in affecting your will power. If you are tired your will power gets depleted. The reason why I have been really ineffective this week in taking the decisions that I need to is because I still not fully recovered form the effects of not resting well during the weekend. That is what has stopped me from launching my app. Although I could have easily blamed it on my erratic Internet connection the truth is that I have been to tired to get myself interested in getting things done. So not only does sleep help in your physical health bu also in mental health. I am am glad I know that now and I will not joke with my rest. Its getting late and I am watching some presentations and talks by some of my favorite open source developers I will hope to be at their level of coding by end of this year. Tackling big projects will help me gain the confidence. If anyone is reading this blog and had some good material on graph databases please post it in the comments I will be grateful. I have heard good things about it and how powerful it can be. If that is the future then that is where I want to be.

So once again I am back to writing long posts hope to keep it up.

See ya.


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