Yep! Published


Today was one of those good days that I have been talking about for sometime now. Lots of stuff done in a day. The sort of things that I will like to take a week to a month to think about before making any decision on. But now I find myself going all out and just getting things done in a swift manner without even fearing whether I will fail or not. I am getting my grove back.

So lets run through the day. I got up not so early. Actually I failed to get to bed early and failed to make use of this unique opportunity to make the most of my sleep program. I could have gotten 8 to 9 hours of seep easily but I stupidly missed it. I woke around 6:30 an hour later than my prescribed late wake up time. But like I said yesterday my aim was to start the say early with some programming on my android app. And that is what I did right after taking my bath. I knew I had already lost sometime and so I didn’t waste anytime and got strait to work as soon as possible. I finally got most of my apps details filled on my developer console. The only thing that kept on getting in the way of me making serious progress was this content rating ting for some reason it wasn’t working. That took sometime and I still couldn’t finish. Eventually I decided it was time to get to the bank and complete some financial transactions. I didn’t finish all of them. But I got concrete plans to get all executed. Actually I could have finished all my transactions today but because I was really late to get to work i decided to postpone and get to work.

I was in such a productive mode that i just worked on anything in-front of me. I was not interested in excuses. I then manged to submit my app for publishing and by the time I got home from work it was published it is currently in beta version.

The only downside is that I didn’t get to download my fashion videos. Fashion week is ending next week in Paris. I haven’t been able to make time to go through the videos like i had planned because I wanted to finish work on my app and start making some time to go through the fashion shows whiles I work on modifying my Firefox addon. I want to fix the bug and make it look more professional. Be for thinking of adding any serious features to it. I have another android app that is currently in development. I put a halt to it last year to focus on the current one. This app will also come with a website in ruby.

I wish I could continue talking but It late and I have to get to bed.

Boa noite.



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