No Chill Friday

Good evening,

I am feeling exhausted and I like it. Oh how good it feels to know that you made the most of your day and accomplished a lot. So lets start form the beginning.

I woke up late again. Not too late but quite later than usual. So I had to rush myself out of my house and on the way to work. Traffic can be brutal on Fridays, and I wasn’t going to start my day by being late to work. That would easily turn into a series of unfortunate events and then the whole day get wasted. I wasn’t going to let that happen and I was on time and in the office as early as I usually am. Now I also failed to get my eight hours of sleep but funny enough I was really active. I guess the morning Exercises really do help.

So I did my usual of checking the news reading some political staff downloading my podcast and checking out what was going on with fashion week. The morning started a little slow but I quickly went ahead with moving to stage two of my android app. I continued adding more content. I then went on with reading my book for the week. I wasn’t satisfied with the progress I made on reading although it was better than not reading anything. To be honest office work was slow. I had some tasks to complete but most of it was dependent on input of others so i couldn’t go productive on everything. Not everyone is working on the same wave length and that can be frustrating.

Soon it was time to get back and I was so looking forward to it. There is something I heard on a podcast by some former congress man called Joe Walsh and he calls it No Chill Friday,  meaning he is not going to relax and take it easy just because it is a Friday. Well that is how I approached my Friday. I was racing to get home not to relax but I was looking forward the work I had to get done on my android app. I was planning on moving  the app from beta production by the end of the week preferably Saturday but I decided to cover enough of the content needed to make it production ready So I will be launching it tonight. All I am left with is getting my developer email ready for public use. I can tell you that the app is ready to be uploaded to the production release. The app will be publicly available in 3 to 5 hours time.  Oh I forgot I did learn some country songs today too. Who said working hard couldn’t be fun.

Ok, my body is telling me to get to bed. see you later. I have to complete somethings first then get to bed. See you tomorrow.

Boa noite.


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