I am Back!!!


Today has been one of those nice days you dreamed about. I tried to talk about it two day ago but unfortunately things were not in the best shape. I have mentioned that I was working on two applications in some of my past posts and if you have been reading I am sure you are looking for some updates on it.

Lets start from yesterday. Yesterday I titled my post Motivation, I did that because I needed some badly. I was working on correcting a bug that had been causing problems for one of my users. and I couldn’t see any way of resolving this issue. I had spent a good amount of time late Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday working on this bug. At the same time I couldn’t get my published app to show in the Google Play store. This was really frustrating because I wanted to quickly enjoy the success of completing these two project and get back to tackling new once that I was yet to commence. Well this morning I woke up early although I didn’t need to go to work and with some renewed motivation I got to work as soon as possible. It wast going as planned so I decided to go a different route in resolving his issue, one that I had refused to try because I was convinced that it would be much more difficult to get done. I was surprised to find out that this was going to be the best solution for the moment. fast forward to the end of the day I got it resolved and the update is live for my Firefox add-on. I even got time to do some cooking. For your information guys I really love cooking and this work was pulling me away form some of these pleasures.

I then moved to my android app. I was in such a productive mode that when I was watching some episodes of Black Sails Season 3 my mind was just thinking of what was wrong with my Android app . I had to pause the series and get back to work. I tried my proposed solution and it caused a whole new issue. But I persisted and voila eventually the issue was resolved. I uploaded the application waiting to see if it would appear. and within 30 minutes I received a notification saying the new updated were live on the play store. In want sure that it was going to show up but when I run the search and after scrolling down it was there. I was just too excited. It was such a good feeling.

Finally I can rest and focus on other apps. I will take note of the issues that arise and new functionality needed. and update the apps after two to three weeks. In the mean time I am thinking of what project to start next. I have another up that is half way through completion. I will do some assessment on what the MVP(minimum viable product) should look like and if it can be done by the end of the week then I will quickly get it done. This app will be accompanied with a website and would have two versions a paid app and a free one. The free one will go up first then the site then the paid version. The free version will be ad supported.

I will have to focus tomorrow on clearing up any work on my desk at the office first and once that is done I will have the peace of mind to get on with my other private projects. Probably a personal website will be the next thing to do. Then some AI project might follow afterwards. The options are many and it fun.

I will end hear less talk and more things to do.

I leave you with one word. Work hard such that when you lay your head to rest at night your body and feel exhausted from the amount of work you put in.


Boa noite.


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