Mixed Bag day and TensorFlow


Today was a mixed bag day. If you have been reading my blogs you will know what that means. Simply it means I had a bit of a productive and at the same time lazy day. Meaning I dint really move forward or backwards.

So I started the day well waking up early and leaving early to work. Although I slept only 5 hours which is not much for me I still managed to get out of be using the excitement of tackling new challenges as a source of motivation. My day in the office was productive. I got some office stuff sorted out. I was also able to install and reconfigure the new version of android studio to work with my apps and got my AVDs working well. Not I am ready to take advantage of the new features.

I got home and that is when the juice just left me the only thing I managed to do was to watch the Keynote for the TensorFlow developers conference. TensorFlow for those who don’t know much about tech is an opensource AI tool that is supported by google. I have been interested in AI for sometime but not sure where to start. Open AI is also available and I will explore that to see which platform will be mire fun to work with.

And that is all I was able to do. My plan was to start some serious work on my new app and I haven’t even opened it. That’s annoying, really really annoying. You plan something and don’t even get to it. Tomorrow will not be like this. I will not allow myself to be unproductive and waste time. Anyways I thought it might be useful to leave you with a video of the Keynote probably you might get interested in it and we can talk about AI on my blog if anyone is interested. I will be happy to share what I learn.

It time for me to sleep.

Boa noite.



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