The Cartesian Plane


Its been a while. I remember my last post was titled “I am back” and the very next day I didn’t post. The did I was in took a little too long to come out of but I am recovering.

Anyways lets get to the juice, the reason why i have this blog in the first place.

Let me start of by telling any of you who are maths inclined that this blog post is not about the Cartesian plane but that title is just a reference to some maths topics I have been going over.

Today was a good day. I was really productive, not like I produced anything but I got a lot of things done. I have been binge learning java to get e better understanding of how to manipulate systems using java code. It is not exactly a requirement for my job but if i want to stay ahead of the game I would have to start doing some serious work with java. I started learning yesterday and today i continued. However I was starting to get tired of seeing java code an I had to take a break to resolve some very urgent matters at work. One of the issues I hadn’t resolved was going to be a subject of a meeting but luckily that got cancelled and I should have all of that resolved in time to make a positive impression at the meeting next week. I should mention that I am getting a greater appreciation for how classes are implemented and used in java

I got home and I had a documentary I have been watching over the past two days. I am sure you might have hear do the “Revenge of the Electric Car” . It wasn’t what I was expecting but it turned out to be even more insightful in terms of what Elon Musk is like. It is based on the comeback of the electric care and interviews Elon as well as one of the former executive of GM, the head of Nissan and some electric car enthusiast who actually makes electric cars. It changed my view of Elon. Made him seem more human, I will explain that better in another post. Speaking of watching things I have discontinued watching Homeland I will explain more later in another post.

It turns out that there is a lot to discuss on this blog since I have been away for a long time.

Well I ended the day with some calculus. Yes I am going over my calculus and I will explain in another blog post and that is the reason why I have that maths reference as my blog post title. So how is calculus going? It getting more interesting as I go over. Starting to appreciate it even more.

I am not feeling to strong at the moment. I feel like I am getting sick so I plan on getting to be early. Now that I have written a long enough post without adding a video to make up for little writing you can be certain that I am really back.

Good night .


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