Another Productive day


Today’s has been another productive day. I got a lot done at work and I did the same when I got home. he only problem is that I am getting increasingly tired.

This will be a quick one. I have a big day planned tomorrow and I need to get all the rest I can get.

The day didn’t start too well, I got up early but failed to get out of the house early enough. So I skipped packing breakfast with the plan of buying some fruits. Well that didn’t go my way. The fruits I was looking for were not available so I went hungry for the morning That eventually took a toll on me as I wasn’t very active the last hour of work.

I got home early though and got some android programming on the way. I was working on making some changes to my third android app to so it could be moved form alpha to a beta release. I had lots of difficulties so didn’t finish enough updates to get it to beta release. I will surely get that done tomorrow. just need to as one fragment to the app and I will be on my way to getting the app to beta testing. The last phase will be adding ad support to the app then I will take it to production.

In a nutshell that was my day. There is more to talk about but time  is not on my side. I think I will have to start wiring these post earlier and not just before bed.

Good night.


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