Today was worse than yesterday. It was totally unproductive. I just couldn’t get anything done. So officially I am in a dip where I wont betting things done for a while. The last time I found my self in such a situation I tried hard to fight it and that didn’t work out I ended up prolonging the situation.

This time round I have decided to try something different. Rather than fight it the plan is to get through the dip quickly. This can be done by plunging myself into total relaxation. The desired effect is to quickly find myself getting into the productive swing.

I am starting tonight by watching Black Sails. I was going to watch Salem but it isn’t something one should watch late night. It can get really scary. I found out today that Black sails has ended. So I downloaded the rest with the intention to complete this weekend then complete Salem season 3 and move onto Stargate SG1 Season 10. So that is guys. I will start now and give updates on getting through the dip. I might even write a book about it.

Good night.


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