The Dip 2


This one might be short. Yesterday wasn’t productive and I talked about being in a dip. That was my diagnosis of the situation. As a result I took a decision not to resist the dip but to dive deep into it with the reasoning that resistance will only prolong the inevitable. But diving deep will allow me to come out of the dip faster than usual.

So my experiment continues, to day I went about the usual Saturday work. Cleaning washing cooking and as soon as a I had the chance I started with the relaxation. I started by catching up on some Blancpain Sprint cup racing. I am loving racing this year and I am currently following GT3 racing, formula E and Formula 1. I got to know about formula E last year and I have four races to watch to catch up. Fortunately there wouldn’t be any Formula E racing for some  weeks and I will use that time to catch up.

This weekend there will be a formula 1 race in china, Lewis Hamilton is on pole it would be exciting. The first race was won by Vettel and I hope Hamilton takes this race. I wont watch live but will download a recorded version and watch next week. That will be the only time I can make some time to watch.

So after some GT3 I spent the whole day watching Black Sails. I am watching season 4 the last season. I am on episode 6 and as planned I will finish before Monday. The excitement has dwindled and at the moment I can say it is decent enough to continue watching since it is the last season. A few weeks ago I stopped watching Homeland at the end of season 3 it was getting annoying and since  it wasn’t Sci-fi there was no need to continue. Life is too short to watch some thing that doesn’t bring you pleasure.

So I end here and will continue with Black Sails.



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