Bad Habits. Bad Habits. Bad Habits.

Bad Habits. Bad Habits. Bad Habits.If you have been following this blog for sometime and you are wondering how come I have reduced my postings I can tell you the simple reason, Bad Habits. We always form habits every second of the day. Every moment we spend on this earth limited by space and time we are forming habits. This whole series of dips and slumps I ave been going through coupled with sickness are all as a result of bad habits.

I haven’t posted here in a while and to be honest my general productivity hasn’t been in bet that I have experienced this year. It all start with making one excuse to slip up. Just a simple excuse like “I am too tired” or “I am feeling sick today”. I shouldn’t it happen to my journaling process. I started journaling as a bit of a hobby. I heard from a couple of modern day philosophers about the benefits of journaling and how it helps to improve critical thinking and introspection and forming strong mental models and making strong arguments. I started by writing an old diary and it was just a very much I was enjoying the process I decided as part of a project for going paperless to move all my writing to digital format and the blog was born. I decided to be honest and transparent on this blog and only delete it if if a real life privacy issue brought up a decision where deleting was desirable option. It seems along the way I forgot why I was going through the process of journaling and one night I failed to put up my post. That incident started with a bad habit of failing to choose a fixed time to journal since my work ethic sometimes caused me to program and research deep into the night till I was tired. The work ethic wasn’t the bad habit but the choice to not pick a fixed time to journal was.

This failure to journal then spiraled to a number of days of no journaling and then to turned into a week a then weeks and almost a month. I am recovering from a period of sickness and I am realizing how some bad habits and mistakes helped to put me in this current situation. To be honest, my programming was even affected by this. I said earlier in the year that I would launch an android app every month then work on a site for one of the apps with the aim of creating a complete product. I also planned to work on improving some browser extensions and then create some new ones. Well during the period of the dip I found my self reducing the number and the truth is that I still haven’t created any new product since making that decision. Even the improvements on the new apps haven’t been done.

When it came to the issue of reading I am still on the same book I was on when this dip started. For someone who likes to talk about devouring books this is a bog shame. How do I reach my target of reading 50 books this year. At least a book a week. I have to revert to my old goals and try as hard as I can to reach them. I finally got my third android app to a better version yesterday. I am have to put on monetization and then I will roll it out to production.

I will have to take a 5 minutes to go back to the book and make a decision to complete it early tomorrow at work.

The third app is going live to production tomorrow making way for the next one. By this time I should get apps from conceptualization to complete in week considering that I am not working on extremely complex apps.

I need to get back to good and healthy habits. Like getting things done and being decisive. Its late so I am no going to force any work. I need to start tomorrow fully rested and let the positivity carry on till night.

Its not all negative I have been de-clattering parts of my life and now I am at this point

That it for today

See you tomorrow.


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