Busy night


Today was a really productive one and I am really tired. Nearly forgot to put in a post in order to maintain consistency I decided to put in a few words. I still have a lot to talk about. I will will end hear with a little motivational quote.





Guess What?


Guess what?

I got my Linux setup working again. I am really excited. Its a long story I will tell it tomorrow. Plus today has really been a productive day. Cant wait for whats up next tomorrow.




Everything I planned for today went down hill. Fixing my GRUB issue took forever and even after finally getting the OS to install it still didnt work. That completely drained me and I had no motivation to work. So I decided to think of it as a sign from the stars that i need to focus on completing work on my windows system and then get back to fixing my linux installations. It is so annoying that I am going to abandon linux for a week or two before I can make time on my very busy schedule to fix my linux setup.

The whole vision of working solely on linux has to wait. Hmmmm.

Ok, so tomorrow will be focused on decluttering my windows system and completing some work and then I will start some app development. The work to be done outside the hose will be centered on gardening.

Today is day two of waking up at 4 am actually I got out of bed at 4:26 am because I only got 4 hours of sleep I got at least one more hour tonight that will help with the afternoon drowsy feeling. I got some workout going on and that was the most positive thing about today. I think my decisive decision to stop the fixing the linux issue will prove to be a right step interms of my productivity in the coming months. I have soo much to read and do I cant let some things stop me from building the needed momentum.

I will end here.

XOXO !!!

Grub Sucks!


You know what Grub really sucks.  Just when you think you have your linux setup exactly the way you want it then it just drops a bomb on you. Today I was supposed to finish setting up my system to do some programming.

I woke up at 4:18 this morning. This was part of some of the new habits I am trying to pick for 2018. I got through my reading of news stories, did some meditation and started to copy the files necessary to continue my setup. I was running on battery so along the way the system hibernated to save battery power. After that I wasnt able to get my laptop running. I tried fixing the boot loader, still not working then I tried to re install the OS and now the OS fails to install Grub. This is so frustrating. All the plans I had for the day are thrown out of the window. Now I have to spend time to learn and study how to completely remove grub and learn how to fix it when it goes bad. From my little experience with GRUB that is a messy job. I have tried a total of 10 installations all have failed to install GRUB.

So it means that tomorrows list of activities will be

  1. To learn how to manipulate GRUB.
  2. Remove grub completely from my laptop.
  3. Prepare garden for creation of compost heap.
  4. Reinstall OS on laptop.

If I get all these top priority tasks done early, then I will move on to adding the following

  1. Setup software for programming
  2. Complete simple program in Java.


If you watched the video I posted on yesterdays post you will notice that the one advantage that all the participants gave about waking up early was the number of tasks they could complete before their usual wake time. I noticed the same thing I had done so much before 6 am I couldn’t wait to do it again. So I will be doing the same tomorrow. I will also be taking my weight loss seriously. I need some more discipline in my diet. I have been eating late too often and that will be where I start.

I will end here by repeating that GRUB really, really sucks. I never have issues with the boot loader on any windows installation but Linux always seems to mess things up. And fixing it is always a messy job.

So I end here I wont let this stop me from getting work done. Tomorrow will be very successful and productive.



3 things for tomorrow

Below is a list of what I want to get  done tomorrow.

  1. Write a list of books that I should finish reading before the end of 2018
  2. Prepare my PC for some programming
  3. Write a simple program in Java.

So why am I listing this. Well it is part of a daily routing I want to get going for this year where I get to bed knowing what I would like to accomplish by the end of the year. I will also like to return to regular journaling on this platform. I got a some  inspiration from a Buzz feed video I saw. Its funny that a media company that I have little respect for would have a video that will inspire some productive behavior. I will post the link to the video at the end of the post. This will give you some insight into what I might be adding to my morning and evening routine this year. I will give some updates as to how things go with my routine, starting tomorrow.

Today wasn’t the most productive I woke up really late after 8 am. I plan to wake up around 4 am, starting tomorrow. So I will end here.

Good night.



Today has been a great day. I know its been a while since I updated this blog, but its good to know that I am getting back into the rhythm and momentum that I had when I was updating regularly. The truth is that I got burnt out and I pushed myself a little too hard.

Anyways I am starting to pick up the little habits of perseverance and a dedication to hard work and efficiency. And that will soon reflect on this blog.

Its late and I will be going to bed now but I will like to leave you with this quote to help you get out of any laziness and procrastination.




I wish could have done more today but that wasn’t  the case.

I started my day as normal as I do. Waking up first with the alarm clock and then going back to sleep and the waking up again. Funny enough I always manage to get out early enough to avoid traffic.

I downloaded the cardinals vs cowboys game but unfortunately I saw the scores too so I am not that eager to watch that. But the main disappointment was that I couldn’t get much done and like yesterday I had to rely on someone doing their job. Like yesterday I used the time to watch videos. Yesterday it was a lecture, today I was some garyvee videos.

I had some appointments in the evening so I am now getting to do some work. I will try some work on my new app that should go into the play store tomorrow. I will also be fixing a bug in another app that is live.

Its getting late and I need to do some work before sleeping. So I will end here.


Little Steps


Today has been OK. I must tell you right out of the gate that I nearly didn’t post. I was about to close for the day when I realized that I had to make a post. So this will be a simple one.

I started the day well. I woke up earlier than I did. I got out of bed earlier did a few things and I got back to bed to get a little rest. I got to work just on time although I would like to do better. I couldn’t gt much done. Truth is most of it was out of my hands so I watched a couple of lectures. The most important thing was I did some recap of algebra when I got home that made the day worth it.

So I that it in recap. I have planned a lot more to do tomorrow. I need that level of productivity where you are tired from working at the end of the day.


Olá : Dip is clearing


Its been a good day today. It didn’t start the way that I wanted and it doesn’t seem to end the way I would have loved to but I like the trajectory that I am on.

A couple of months ago I started this blog to share my thouhgts in a very honest fashion. I have created blogs before that didnt contian information about my life and as a result it lacked the creativity I was looking for. I created this one with an alais but with the intention to share more of my actual life with my readers and to help cultivate the habit of writing and journaling.

Its been more than two months since I posted here. I found that its hard to keep on going and being consistent with any task. Mainly because of laziness and a lack of self discipline. After 27 posts I finally gave in to the tiredness and laziness and started listening more to my body. So i missed a day and that turned into a week and a month but not a year. This blog also became a place for me to talk about how productive I was during the day and was tied to my overall productivity. So you can guess that when I stopped positing I also stopped being productive. I wrote a couple of posts about being in a dip. I can tell you one thing that was not interesting at all. I have been in a out of that dip ever since but I can tell that I am coming out. My app creation suffered. My initial plan for the year was to end the year with 12 apps in the app store. I later reduced that to 7 with the other months taking other software projects other than android app development. I have three done now during my productive period and I am now on the fourth app.

I havnt read a book since that time and anytime I tried I failed. considering the fact that I planned on publishing my first book this year its bad that I couldn’t even sustain reading how much more writing or blogging. The target this year was to read atleast two books a month. so 24 for this year. I am far behind that schedule now but I can pick up.

Overall I can say that I see the dip clearing and I am sure I will finish this year strongly with some more apps (still targeting 12) some browser extensions. An e-commerce site or even a couple of them, some AI projects and a book(I think self help under an alias will help).

I said earlier that my lack of posting on this blog coincided with my reduction in productivity. Well if you are reading this post just know that the opposite is true. This post coincides with me getting productive again.

So expect more in this space. I am going to finish the year stronger than I started. I will end the post here with a video I posted earlier on this blog that I just listened to. It will be worth it if you need some pep talk to get going for today.