Today should be one of those feel good Saturdays but unfortunately it has been more frustrating than I expected.

My app is published on the app store but for some reason that I do not know I cannot find this app in the play store. it should have been up within 5 hours but its taken all day and will be almost 24 hours tomorrow morning.

I also started work on fixing the bugs with my Mozilla add-on and its becoming really difficult. I wish I ended the day with some progress but the more I modify the code the more frustrating it gets I seem to be digging  a hole.

Its late so I will end here. Hopefully tomorrow will be better

Boa  noite.

No Chill Friday

Good evening,

I am feeling exhausted and I like it. Oh how good it feels to know that you made the most of your day and accomplished a lot. So lets start form the beginning.

I woke up late again. Not too late but quite later than usual. So I had to rush myself out of my house and on the way to work. Traffic can be brutal on Fridays, and I wasn’t going to start my day by being late to work. That would easily turn into a series of unfortunate events and then the whole day get wasted. I wasn’t going to let that happen and I was on time and in the office as early as I usually am. Now I also failed to get my eight hours of sleep but funny enough I was really active. I guess the morning Exercises really do help.

So I did my usual of checking the news reading some political staff downloading my podcast and checking out what was going on with fashion week. The morning started a little slow but I quickly went ahead with moving to stage two of my android app. I continued adding more content. I then went on with reading my book for the week. I wasn’t satisfied with the progress I made on reading although it was better than not reading anything. To be honest office work was slow. I had some tasks to complete but most of it was dependent on input of others so i couldn’t go productive on everything. Not everyone is working on the same wave length and that can be frustrating.

Soon it was time to get back and I was so looking forward to it. There is something I heard on a podcast by some former congress man called Joe Walsh and he calls it No Chill Friday,  meaning he is not going to relax and take it easy just because it is a Friday. Well that is how I approached my Friday. I was racing to get home not to relax but I was looking forward the work I had to get done on my android app. I was planning on moving  the app from beta production by the end of the week preferably Saturday but I decided to cover enough of the content needed to make it production ready So I will be launching it tonight. All I am left with is getting my developer email ready for public use. I can tell you that the app is ready to be uploaded to the production release. The app will be publicly available in 3 to 5 hours time.  Oh I forgot I did learn some country songs today too. Who said working hard couldn’t be fun.

Ok, my body is telling me to get to bed. see you later. I have to complete somethings first then get to bed. See you tomorrow.

Boa noite.

Yep! Published


Today was one of those good days that I have been talking about for sometime now. Lots of stuff done in a day. The sort of things that I will like to take a week to a month to think about before making any decision on. But now I find myself going all out and just getting things done in a swift manner without even fearing whether I will fail or not. I am getting my grove back.

So lets run through the day. I got up not so early. Actually I failed to get to bed early and failed to make use of this unique opportunity to make the most of my sleep program. I could have gotten 8 to 9 hours of seep easily but I stupidly missed it. I woke around 6:30 an hour later than my prescribed late wake up time. But like I said yesterday my aim was to start the say early with some programming on my android app. And that is what I did right after taking my bath. I knew I had already lost sometime and so I didn’t waste anytime and got strait to work as soon as possible. I finally got most of my apps details filled on my developer console. The only thing that kept on getting in the way of me making serious progress was this content rating ting for some reason it wasn’t working. That took sometime and I still couldn’t finish. Eventually I decided it was time to get to the bank and complete some financial transactions. I didn’t finish all of them. But I got concrete plans to get all executed. Actually I could have finished all my transactions today but because I was really late to get to work i decided to postpone and get to work.

I was in such a productive mode that i just worked on anything in-front of me. I was not interested in excuses. I then manged to submit my app for publishing and by the time I got home from work it was published it is currently in beta version.

The only downside is that I didn’t get to download my fashion videos. Fashion week is ending next week in Paris. I haven’t been able to make time to go through the videos like i had planned because I wanted to finish work on my app and start making some time to go through the fashion shows whiles I work on modifying my Firefox addon. I want to fix the bug and make it look more professional. Be for thinking of adding any serious features to it. I have another android app that is currently in development. I put a halt to it last year to focus on the current one. This app will also come with a website in ruby.

I wish I could continue talking but It late and I have to get to bed.

Boa noite.


Mixed Bag Day


Its been a mixed bag day. Yes I said mixed bag and to be honest I am not sure I have ever used that phrase and not sure if I am using it the proper way but its my dairy so I guess its cool.

I started the say waking up better than I done recently. I wasn’t as tired as I usually am. I felt stronger. I guess I got more time to sleep. A I got some exercise going on. Talking about exercising I have failed to do effective consistent exercising for two weeks now. I realized that I have been focusing on a total body work out and I I just focus all my exercising to improve one side of my body I should be able to build consistency so that what I am working on at the moment. I need my legs to get a bit bigger to get to the figure that I want so for now all my exercise will be focused on getting bigger legs. The reason for focusing on only one body part is that is takes less motivation even when you are tired and your workout is focused on working on that part of your body that you feel needs the most attention it is easy to just do it. In turn you will start building consistency and then you start adding other exercises. Anytime your motivation goes down you just gt back to what requires the least motivation.

Ok so I got to work as early as I normally do. For your information I am an early bird. I started with my usual look at news and fashion before dicing into any work. To be honest today was one of my bad days I will rate it as 2 out of 10. Thats horrible but remember I have high standards. But I made up for eat by spending sometime reading some books. I am currently reading a book by Steve Harvey. I got in more reading that I usually do in a day I noticed that I wasn’t really motived to work on serious stuff in the office so I took the opportunity to do some reading. That was the most productive thing I did all day Then getting to the end of the day I started working on some aspects of my app. That was an attempt to start building some momentum to get back into the productive mood and I will reap the benefits of it tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will have to complete some transactions at the bank. Before getting to work that will mean I will be late. I had it planned in my mind that I will sleep in late but I am now thinking of getting up at the usual time and getting ready after which I will then continue working on my app. Before setting of to the bank. You see I am already getting back to the right state of mind to work.

One important lesson I have learnt this week is the role tiredness plays in affecting your will power. If you are tired your will power gets depleted. The reason why I have been really ineffective this week in taking the decisions that I need to is because I still not fully recovered form the effects of not resting well during the weekend. That is what has stopped me from launching my app. Although I could have easily blamed it on my erratic Internet connection the truth is that I have been to tired to get myself interested in getting things done. So not only does sleep help in your physical health bu also in mental health. I am am glad I know that now and I will not joke with my rest. Its getting late and I am watching some presentations and talks by some of my favorite open source developers I will hope to be at their level of coding by end of this year. Tackling big projects will help me gain the confidence. If anyone is reading this blog and had some good material on graph databases please post it in the comments I will be grateful. I have heard good things about it and how powerful it can be. If that is the future then that is where I want to be.

So once again I am back to writing long posts hope to keep it up.

See ya.



Yesterday I didn’t get my blog post out on time because I was watching this video by Lionel on what he dislikes about YouTube guitar tutorials. He goes over somethings that I think any beginner should know before playing the guitar. I hope it helps you.

Lazy Day

Today has been disappointing So I will be brief.

I started the day really optimistic about what I could do. As the day wound down I got even more tired and that leads me to where I am. I don’t have the willpower to overcome my tiredness and get work done. I was hoping to get my android work out of the way and finish some important stuff but If I don’t rest now tomorrow will be that same. So I close here. See you tomorrow.


Got some rest

Lets get strait to it because I have to hit the bed and get some rest or I will be having a less than productive say tomorrow.

Like I said yesterday I did a lot of relaxing today and I spent a good amount of my time watching the last 4 episodes of Black Sails Season 2. I though I had watched all but when I started Season 3 the recap showed some parts that I hadn’t seen so to avoid spoilers I quickly stopped the recap from completing and then I went back to watch. I t was worth it. but to tell you the truth I wasn’t happy after watching. I guess its because I quickly realized that I hadn’t done anything productive the whole day.

So I got to my guitar and then moved to publish the android app. I haven’t completed that since I need to change the package to a more desired on. It might take a couple of minutes but I need the rest more than that. The profile for the app is ready but I think I will keep it in draft mode then upload the beta version tomorrow. Once I increase the content on the app I will put it in production mode.

Planned on backing up data on my device but I will have to do that work tomorrow. In the mean time I will just remove some targeted videos to free up much needed space.

Ok So that that, fewer words same impact.

Lesson of the day: Rest and relaxation is not as fun as hard work and being productive.

Good night.


I need some rest


I think this whole I will work 24 hours a day like a maniac must slow down a bit. As  I sit here I am so tired of all the work I have been doing that I realized taking a short break isn’t such a bad idea. I think the Sabbath day which is tomorrow will be the perfect day to rest. I will go ahead and launch the beta version of the app. I am 80 percent done with the app and 100 percent done with the minimum viable product.Basically I have something reasonable to launch today. But the target is an app with more content. Functionality is god at the moment. I took this evening to cover most of the loose ends and bring the app to an acceptable level of quality. I need to add more content and probably restructure some of the content to make it more like what I want. when I have reached the 100 percent level I can confidently leave the app where it is and make modifications based on suggested functionality by users. Whiles I work on improving my Mozilla add-on. if possible I will also start working on making it available on google chrome.

Today started really bad I had barely gotten any sleep nut I managed to get going. That must be one of the reasons why I am so tired. I got my washing done quickly with the help of some podcasts that I was listening to. Speaking of podcasts I need to work on publishing my first podcast episode on the recently ended Superbowl. I recorded it a week after the Superbowl but I haven’t setup the sound cloud account that will be used  for publishing before I even think about how to put it on feed-burner. I also haven’t even edited it. I will have to include some EDM tracks to it and get a quick album art for it. I really have a lot of things to work on. Also I need to work on a presentation on an ERP system for my boss that could happen anytime soon.

Ok let me take my mind of work of a minute. Lets turn to relaxation. I am going to do some binge watching of some series tomorrow. I was thinking I would start season one of Homeland or season 3 of Black Sails. I think Black Sails will be ok. I need a lot of rest to ensure I am in tip top shape for Monday. There is a lot of Projects I would like to initiate on Monday and I need full concentration to handle the workload that is coming. But tomorrow will have a lot of relaxation and then I will end it with some work.

Just for your information the day nearly didnt end this productive. Something disappointing happend and got me in a bad moode. But once I started to work on adding some images to my app I was able to get control of my emotions and then I found myself working on the app for four hours. I got all my cleaning work done early so that was certainly good. Ok it time to hop into bed. See you all tomorrow.

Boa noite



Today has been good and lots of fan. I have been really productive. (Warning: you can tell that this is going to be a short post because it late and I am tired.)

Well so I did wake up early unlike yesterday. I had all my alarms set and I nailed it. Also I left home earlier than on any other day. I got to work and even did some of my android programming at work. I got all the work on my desk done the rest was scheduled for next week. the only thing that pissed me off was sending that defective electronic product for replacement.Unfortunately I left the receipt at home so I will have to do that tomorrow. It annoyed me because I am on this productive drive and having to postpone any action that can be taken immediately is very annoying.

I got home and got my guitar work done on time and really good. Then I got to my android work. Like I said yesterday If I had my internet connection working well I would be 90 percent done. Like I said, the app is now 90% complete for the beta version. I would like to make a a few changes tomorrow and then on Sunday the app goes live on the app store. By the time the app gets approved I will have the first update ready to go live. I like the way things are going.

I will end my post here. I will try to watch some Homeland tomorrow. I heard some interesting stuff and how it links to current politics. But my apps come first. I need to finish the book I am reading. Actually this is the second read of the Slight Edge and I think I have already picked what I need for it, so an extra chapter will do then I move to another book.

Its past 12 midnight and I will just sort myself out and get to bed.

See ya

Boa noite.


Productive! Getting Tired Feels Good

Hi ,

Another productive day in the wraps. I got some financial decisions sorted out and done quickly. But it all nearly didn’t happen.

Now if you read yesterdays post you will know that I got quite a lot of things done and I dint get to bed early and I was tired from working. As a result waking up was going to be difficult and unfortunately I didn’t set my alarm . Now I have multiple alarms set and luckily I had one set but it wasn’t so lucky. The first alarm woke me up but I was too tired and  quickly went back to bed. The next time I woke up was 6:00 am. Now I usually wake up between 4 to 5 and get to the office by 7 I was more than an hour behind time. I nearly gave up and decided to go to work late. But I did something that I usually do not do. I lay in bed thinking of going late and then I told myself “I can do it.” That one word got me out of bed and on my was in less than 20 minutes. A little over an hour later I was in the office. It was almost like nothing had happened and I couldn’t be stopped.

I carried that momentum throughout the rest of the day and I got somethings done. I was in the mood to just get things done. I got home and played some guitar on schedule. I was able to complete my android app.

Again I was having issues with my connection and couldn’t get all the content required to complete the  app. If I had all the info I would be 90% done. Now I am tired and its time to sleep I do not want a repeat of yesterdays late wake up time.So I will end here.


Good night.