Bad Habits. Bad Habits. Bad Habits.

Bad Habits. Bad Habits. Bad Habits.If you have been following this blog for sometime and you are wondering how come I have reduced my postings I can tell you the simple reason, Bad Habits. We always form habits every second of the day. Every moment we spend on this earth limited by space and time we are forming habits. This whole series of dips and slumps I ave been going through coupled with sickness are all as a result of bad habits.

I haven’t posted here in a while and to be honest my general productivity hasn’t been in bet that I have experienced this year. It all start with making one excuse to slip up. Just a simple excuse like “I am too tired” or “I am feeling sick today”. I shouldn’t it happen to my journaling process. I started journaling as a bit of a hobby. I heard from a couple of modern day philosophers about the benefits of journaling and how it helps to improve critical thinking and introspection and forming strong mental models and making strong arguments. I started by writing an old diary and it was just a very much I was enjoying the process I decided as part of a project for going paperless to move all my writing to digital format and the blog was born. I decided to be honest and transparent on this blog and only delete it if if a real life privacy issue brought up a decision where deleting was desirable option. It seems along the way I forgot why I was going through the process of journaling and one night I failed to put up my post. That incident started with a bad habit of failing to choose a fixed time to journal since my work ethic sometimes caused me to program and research deep into the night till I was tired. The work ethic wasn’t the bad habit but the choice to not pick a fixed time to journal was.

This failure to journal then spiraled to a number of days of no journaling and then to turned into a week a then weeks and almost a month. I am recovering from a period of sickness and I am realizing how some bad habits and mistakes helped to put me in this current situation. To be honest, my programming was even affected by this. I said earlier in the year that I would launch an android app every month then work on a site for one of the apps with the aim of creating a complete product. I also planned to work on improving some browser extensions and then create some new ones. Well during the period of the dip I found my self reducing the number and the truth is that I still haven’t created any new product since making that decision. Even the improvements on the new apps haven’t been done.

When it came to the issue of reading I am still on the same book I was on when this dip started. For someone who likes to talk about devouring books this is a bog shame. How do I reach my target of reading 50 books this year. At least a book a week. I have to revert to my old goals and try as hard as I can to reach them. I finally got my third android app to a better version yesterday. I am have to put on monetization and then I will roll it out to production.

I will have to take a 5 minutes to go back to the book and make a decision to complete it early tomorrow at work.

The third app is going live to production tomorrow making way for the next one. By this time I should get apps from conceptualization to complete in week considering that I am not working on extremely complex apps.

I need to get back to good and healthy habits. Like getting things done and being decisive. Its late so I am no going to force any work. I need to start tomorrow fully rested and let the positivity carry on till night.

Its not all negative I have been de-clattering parts of my life and now I am at this point

That it for today

See you tomorrow.


The Dip 2


This one might be short. Yesterday wasn’t productive and I talked about being in a dip. That was my diagnosis of the situation. As a result I took a decision not to resist the dip but to dive deep into it with the reasoning that resistance will only prolong the inevitable. But diving deep will allow me to come out of the dip faster than usual.

So my experiment continues, to day I went about the usual Saturday work. Cleaning washing cooking and as soon as a I had the chance I started with the relaxation. I started by catching up on some Blancpain Sprint cup racing. I am loving racing this year and I am currently following GT3 racing, formula E and Formula 1. I got to know about formula E last year and I have four races to watch to catch up. Fortunately there wouldn’t be any Formula E racing for some  weeks and I will use that time to catch up.

This weekend there will be a formula 1 race in china, Lewis Hamilton is on pole it would be exciting. The first race was won by Vettel and I hope Hamilton takes this race. I wont watch live but will download a recorded version and watch next week. That will be the only time I can make some time to watch.

So after some GT3 I spent the whole day watching Black Sails. I am watching season 4 the last season. I am on episode 6 and as planned I will finish before Monday. The excitement has dwindled and at the moment I can say it is decent enough to continue watching since it is the last season. A few weeks ago I stopped watching Homeland at the end of season 3 it was getting annoying and since  it wasn’t Sci-fi there was no need to continue. Life is too short to watch some thing that doesn’t bring you pleasure.

So I end here and will continue with Black Sails.




Today was worse than yesterday. It was totally unproductive. I just couldn’t get anything done. So officially I am in a dip where I wont betting things done for a while. The last time I found my self in such a situation I tried hard to fight it and that didn’t work out I ended up prolonging the situation.

This time round I have decided to try something different. Rather than fight it the plan is to get through the dip quickly. This can be done by plunging myself into total relaxation. The desired effect is to quickly find myself getting into the productive swing.

I am starting tonight by watching Black Sails. I was going to watch Salem but it isn’t something one should watch late night. It can get really scary. I found out today that Black sails has ended. So I downloaded the rest with the intention to complete this weekend then complete Salem season 3 and move onto Stargate SG1 Season 10. So that is guys. I will start now and give updates on getting through the dip. I might even write a book about it.

Good night.



Today was one of those days where you cant seem to get anything done. Started from the morning where once again I was late then continued when I had to visit my doctor and I forgot to pack some content on my phone or take my tablet to read. As a result I wasted time sitting down waiting to see the doctor and not doing anything productive with my time.

I got back to work and I couldn’t get some software packages installed. That snowballed into a day where I was too frustrated to recover from.

I got home determined to add some fragments to my new android application. I hit some errors which is normal with programming but that only exposed my lack of motivation to get anything done. I was hoping to get my application in shape for a beta release but that wouldn’t be happening today.

I hope tomorrow will be better.

The main positive of the day is that I am losing weight again.


Good night.


Another Productive day


Today’s has been another productive day. I got a lot done at work and I did the same when I got home. he only problem is that I am getting increasingly tired.

This will be a quick one. I have a big day planned tomorrow and I need to get all the rest I can get.

The day didn’t start too well, I got up early but failed to get out of the house early enough. So I skipped packing breakfast with the plan of buying some fruits. Well that didn’t go my way. The fruits I was looking for were not available so I went hungry for the morning That eventually took a toll on me as I wasn’t very active the last hour of work.

I got home early though and got some android programming on the way. I was working on making some changes to my third android app to so it could be moved form alpha to a beta release. I had lots of difficulties so didn’t finish enough updates to get it to beta release. I will surely get that done tomorrow. just need to as one fragment to the app and I will be on my way to getting the app to beta testing. The last phase will be adding ad support to the app then I will take it to production.

In a nutshell that was my day. There is more to talk about but time  is not on my side. I think I will have to start wiring these post earlier and not just before bed.

Good night.

The Cartesian Plane


Its been a while. I remember my last post was titled “I am back” and the very next day I didn’t post. The did I was in took a little too long to come out of but I am recovering.

Anyways lets get to the juice, the reason why i have this blog in the first place.

Let me start of by telling any of you who are maths inclined that this blog post is not about the Cartesian plane but that title is just a reference to some maths topics I have been going over.

Today was a good day. I was really productive, not like I produced anything but I got a lot of things done. I have been binge learning java to get e better understanding of how to manipulate systems using java code. It is not exactly a requirement for my job but if i want to stay ahead of the game I would have to start doing some serious work with java. I started learning yesterday and today i continued. However I was starting to get tired of seeing java code an I had to take a break to resolve some very urgent matters at work. One of the issues I hadn’t resolved was going to be a subject of a meeting but luckily that got cancelled and I should have all of that resolved in time to make a positive impression at the meeting next week. I should mention that I am getting a greater appreciation for how classes are implemented and used in java

I got home and I had a documentary I have been watching over the past two days. I am sure you might have hear do the “Revenge of the Electric Car” . It wasn’t what I was expecting but it turned out to be even more insightful in terms of what Elon Musk is like. It is based on the comeback of the electric care and interviews Elon as well as one of the former executive of GM, the head of Nissan and some electric car enthusiast who actually makes electric cars. It changed my view of Elon. Made him seem more human, I will explain that better in another post. Speaking of watching things I have discontinued watching Homeland I will explain more later in another post.

It turns out that there is a lot to discuss on this blog since I have been away for a long time.

Well I ended the day with some calculus. Yes I am going over my calculus and I will explain in another blog post and that is the reason why I have that maths reference as my blog post title. So how is calculus going? It getting more interesting as I go over. Starting to appreciate it even more.

I am not feeling to strong at the moment. I feel like I am getting sick so I plan on getting to be early. Now that I have written a long enough post without adding a video to make up for little writing you can be certain that I am really back.

Good night .

Back Again : -)


Wow it been a while since wrote a blog post. Considering that this blog is supposed to be a daily diary entry being away from writing for 18 days is way too long. It is a long story and I will fill you in on the details tomorrow but for summery I can say that I was in a dip.

I was in a huge dip that took me me a little over two weeks to get over. I will leave you with this little inspirational vid I was watching on YouTube today it might be of help to someone.

I just noticed that word press has a new layout for the text editor. Looks better and makes better use of space . It looked a little confusing at first but I am starting to like it. Thumbs up.

See you tomorrow.

Mixed Bag day and TensorFlow


Today was a mixed bag day. If you have been reading my blogs you will know what that means. Simply it means I had a bit of a productive and at the same time lazy day. Meaning I dint really move forward or backwards.

So I started the day well waking up early and leaving early to work. Although I slept only 5 hours which is not much for me I still managed to get out of be using the excitement of tackling new challenges as a source of motivation. My day in the office was productive. I got some office stuff sorted out. I was also able to install and reconfigure the new version of android studio to work with my apps and got my AVDs working well. Not I am ready to take advantage of the new features.

I got home and that is when the juice just left me the only thing I managed to do was to watch the Keynote for the TensorFlow developers conference. TensorFlow for those who don’t know much about tech is an opensource AI tool that is supported by google. I have been interested in AI for sometime but not sure where to start. Open AI is also available and I will explore that to see which platform will be mire fun to work with.

And that is all I was able to do. My plan was to start some serious work on my new app and I haven’t even opened it. That’s annoying, really really annoying. You plan something and don’t even get to it. Tomorrow will not be like this. I will not allow myself to be unproductive and waste time. Anyways I thought it might be useful to leave you with a video of the Keynote probably you might get interested in it and we can talk about AI on my blog if anyone is interested. I will be happy to share what I learn.

It time for me to sleep.

Boa noite.


I am Back!!!


Today has been one of those nice days you dreamed about. I tried to talk about it two day ago but unfortunately things were not in the best shape. I have mentioned that I was working on two applications in some of my past posts and if you have been reading I am sure you are looking for some updates on it.

Lets start from yesterday. Yesterday I titled my post Motivation, I did that because I needed some badly. I was working on correcting a bug that had been causing problems for one of my users. and I couldn’t see any way of resolving this issue. I had spent a good amount of time late Saturday evening and the whole of Sunday working on this bug. At the same time I couldn’t get my published app to show in the Google Play store. This was really frustrating because I wanted to quickly enjoy the success of completing these two project and get back to tackling new once that I was yet to commence. Well this morning I woke up early although I didn’t need to go to work and with some renewed motivation I got to work as soon as possible. It wast going as planned so I decided to go a different route in resolving his issue, one that I had refused to try because I was convinced that it would be much more difficult to get done. I was surprised to find out that this was going to be the best solution for the moment. fast forward to the end of the day I got it resolved and the update is live for my Firefox add-on. I even got time to do some cooking. For your information guys I really love cooking and this work was pulling me away form some of these pleasures.

I then moved to my android app. I was in such a productive mode that when I was watching some episodes of Black Sails Season 3 my mind was just thinking of what was wrong with my Android app . I had to pause the series and get back to work. I tried my proposed solution and it caused a whole new issue. But I persisted and voila eventually the issue was resolved. I uploaded the application waiting to see if it would appear. and within 30 minutes I received a notification saying the new updated were live on the play store. In want sure that it was going to show up but when I run the search and after scrolling down it was there. I was just too excited. It was such a good feeling.

Finally I can rest and focus on other apps. I will take note of the issues that arise and new functionality needed. and update the apps after two to three weeks. In the mean time I am thinking of what project to start next. I have another up that is half way through completion. I will do some assessment on what the MVP(minimum viable product) should look like and if it can be done by the end of the week then I will quickly get it done. This app will be accompanied with a website and would have two versions a paid app and a free one. The free one will go up first then the site then the paid version. The free version will be ad supported.

I will have to focus tomorrow on clearing up any work on my desk at the office first and once that is done I will have the peace of mind to get on with my other private projects. Probably a personal website will be the next thing to do. Then some AI project might follow afterwards. The options are many and it fun.

I will end hear less talk and more things to do.

I leave you with one word. Work hard such that when you lay your head to rest at night your body and feel exhausted from the amount of work you put in.


Boa noite.